Inpelle Leather was founded in 2009, but our roots run much deeper. Our history started years earlier, when our founder was producing the finest Italian leather for the seats of BMW, Porsche and Audi automobiles.

Inpelle is dedicated to the creation of new applications for our leathers in auto accessories and interiors, according to the leather technologies that we developed. Realizing that the owners of these exclusive vehicles demanded very sumptuous, yet highly durable seats, a particular process for tanning this leather was developed by InPelle’s founder. Further development into leather work resulted in the special heat-reflecting leather used in the BMW cabriolet vehicles. Our special tanning processes are only known to a small handful of tanners in the world, and produce leather that is not only supple and soft to the touch, but is extremely durable…. meeting both ends of our customer’s demands.

One of our secrets: Inpelle leather can be tanned without chromium, a transition metal typically used in the tanning process. As we solely use the “wet white process”, our leather is completely biodegradable and ecological….demonstrating our respect and support of the environment in which we live. Improving on the naturally high durability of leather, we developed a specific finish that rends our leather waterproof and virtually stain-proof. Initially used in high-end flooring tiles, InPelle leather is now offered in custom fit floor mats, cargo liners and will soon be introduced in a line of custom-fit, self-installed seat covers.


The innovation of the genuine leather associated with floor mats was born from the desire to make a more hygienic and easy to clean part of the car otherwise destined to accumulate dirt and dust. Our leather is easy to care for as you can use simple soap and water.

The leather is waterproof so no need to worry. With our special finish, dirt cannot penetrate the leather’s surface fostering a healthy driving environment, greatly increasing your comfort. A vehicle’s floor mats take a lot of abuse, and must perform in a supremely safe manner. Standard floor mats of carpet hold dirt, dust, and grime….everything that is on the bottom of your shoe gets deposited on your car’s floor mats. It is all but impossible to clean adequately this type of floor mat.

Over time, like the high-traffic areas of your carpet at home, these floor mats become matted down, stained and unbecoming. The innovative InPelle floor mats were born from the desire for a more hygienic and easy to clean part of the car previously destined to accumulate dust and dirt. The InPelle leather is waterproof, and easily cleans up with soapy water. The special finish on our leather mats not only keeps out water….it keeps dirt, salt, and grime from penetrating. Even the toughest spills: ketchup, hot sauce, milk, soda…do not stain InPelle leather floor mats.

As for our durability: it is unmatched. Leather is one of the most durable materials known to man. For centuries it has been used for the most arduous applications such as housing, floor covers (think cave men!); more recently shoes and motorcycle protective wear.

Fear not the salt covered boots of a Midwestern winter, or the sandy deposits from the summer beach: neither will mar the finish of an InPelle mat. We are so confident of our durability, each and every InPelle leather product comes with a 3 year warranty.*

The beauty, durability and hygiene of InPelle leather mats all but fade in comparison to the safety aspect. Our mats are affixed to your vehicle in precisely the same fashion as the original mats that came with the car or truck.

Leather is not slick when it gets wet, so during the most dangerous driving conditions, rain and snow, your feet won’t slip and your mat stays firmly in place. 


The same durable, easy to clean leather used in our floor mats is also made into custom cargo and trunk liners.

This area of the vehicle is frequently dirty from regular daily use. It is so nice to have a clean area to put groceries, golf bags or even duffel bags full of sporting equipment. InPelle liners provide durable wearing, easy to clean beautiful option to answer these concerns.

Pet owners will love the durability and safety of InPelle cargo liners, and especially the ease of cleaning.

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